Metallography Equipment


With our Baincut series cutting machines, the components, workpieces and semi-finished products are separated at a previously precisely determined point and a sample can be taken.

The workpieces to be separated must be firmly anchored in the cutting machines by means of clamps and T-slot plates so that a perfect cut is possible.
We also offer a standard range of vices and custom-made products.

Baincut M

Corrosion resistant steel Cabinet with built in Hydraulic system and Individual power pac

  • Digital Temperature Indicator and digital timer with LCD Display System
  • Hydraulic Fully Automatic system
  • Stainless steel body Pressure Gauge system
  • Quick Ram return to speed up reloading
  • 1500 Watt mould Heater
  • Dovetail slot for easy changeability of Mould Assemblies
  • Water Cooling System (Automatic)
  • Timer-Buzzer indication for heating and cooling cycles
  • Wide range of sample sizes can be accommodated (30 mm / 40 mm / 50 mm)
  • Two moulds can be simultaneously prepared using Dual Mould Spacer
  • Provision to accommodate 1 ½ “& 2” Mould Sizes
  • Size: 490 x 620 x 590 mm
  • 1¼” comes with the machine as a standard

Baincut HSS


UM Auto


Small specimens must first be embedded in order to grind and polish the surface in further work steps. This can be done with cold embedding or warm embedding.
With our Bainmount series of presses, metal samples can be prepared virtually gap-free under defined pressure and heat. Epoxy resins, phenolic resins and thermoplastics are used as embedding agents.

Bainmount H Auto

Light alloy casting base with recirculation coolant system. FRP hood, viewing window, cleaning hose, safety lock included. Cleaning hose, safety lock included.

  • Cutting Size 60mm dia
  • 3HP motor, 3 Phase 400V
  • Spindle Speed 2800 rpm
  • Wheel dia. 10″ max.
  • Internal illuminator
  • Double vise design
  • Quick-action cam vise option
  • Ergonamic cuting handle
  • 1/3 HP Coolant Pump
  • Quick-action cam vise option
  • T Slot Bed: 60mm X 190mm with 8mm T-Slot
  • Machine Size: 850mm X 170mm 1550mm (L x D x H)
  • Medium Automation option available

Bainmount P Auto

Bainmount Hydraulic Manual


Grinding and polishing can be done by our series Bainpol. With our VTD and VFD series, this happens manually. The model Bainpol Auto is, as the name implies, an automatic grinding and polishing device with touch-screen operation. For both manual and automatic devices, one or two plates can be selected.

Typically, you must work in several steps with finer and finer grain size of the SIC paper. Therefore, it is recommended to use a two-plate version to be able to carry out two work steps directly behind one another (for example, 1 plate 180 grit / 1 plate 320 grit). Gradually an even finer sandpaper is used with the addition of lubricating and cooling liquid.

Between grinding cycles, samples should be cleaned with alcohol and water to avoid dragging abrasive particles into the next sanding cycle. Subsequently, the polishing with different polishing cloths and with the addition of diamond suspensions in several stages to the required result.

Bainpol Auto

  • Variable Speed 50- 600 RPM
  • 8” / 10″/ 12″ Single Aluminum Disc
  • Hold up to 5 Moulds ( 1 ¼”standard)
  • 1 HP High torque AC Motor
  • ¼ Hp Independent Polishing Head Motor
  • Polisher Head Variable Speed : 50 to 200 RPM
  • Electronic Control with LC – Display with Digital timer
  • Variable force : 1 to 4 bar
  • With Interchangeable 1¼” , 1½” 2″ Mould sizes
  • Single Pressure Specimen loading, Pneumatically applied
  • Multiple Moulds Design (1 ¼” standard)
  • Single Pressure Specimen loading, Pneumatically applied, Pneumatically applied
  • Holding Band,Holding Ring
  • Power Supply : 230V / 50Hz ( Single Phase + Neutral + Earth) Size:900 X 500 X 650 mm (L x W x H)

Bainpol VTD

Bainpol VFD